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Lifecote™ Structural Timber Resin Repairs

Repairing structural timbers affected with decay can be very costly and involve a considerable amount of inconvenience and disruption.

Lifecote™ has the experience and technicians to undertake any repair to any domestic or commercial listed building. We will deal with the conservation officer throughout the works.

Lifecote™ can select from a range of methods to repair structural timbers including a unique system, which uses epoxy resin. These systems have been used extensively over the last 10 years and long term guarantees can be issued with confidence.

The Timber Resin Repair can:

  • Save thousands of Pounds

  • Avoids weeks of disruptive work

  • Save ceilings and Mouldings

  • Repair any size and shape of timber

  • Provide the Lifecote structural repair guarantee

Lifecote™ can:

  • Upgrade existing beams to accept greater pay loads
  • Bond lathe and plaster ceilings to new beams
  • Carry out repairs to exposed damaged beams  

The Resin Bond







Before the Resin bonded Structural Repair







After Repair







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