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The post war housing building boom in the UK left a legacy of reinforced concrete houses and flats.

Many properties were poorly designed or constructed these buildings have suffered from deterioration from the environment. Lifecote™ offer an extensive range of concrete repair and stress free masonry reinforcing products.

The Need for Concrete Repair  

When manufactured to the correct specification, reinforced concrete is an extremely durable construction material.

However, many of us will be aware of so-called ‘concrete cancer’ and other forms of damage to concrete.

The most common cause of concrete damage is poor concrete coverage of the reinforcement, carbonation of the concrete and high chloride levels. Buildings in exposed and coastal locations are particularly vulnerable.

The Concrete Repair

Lifecote™ will clearly identify why the concrete has deteriorated before advising the correct specification for remedial repair. We will provide Concrete Repair Systems which provides a systematic procedure for concrete repair.

The system consists primarily of cement based materials which are homogeneous with concrete (strength, modulus of elasticity, thermal movement).

Masonry Reinforcement

The use of metal reinforcing in traditional modern buildings has been widespread throughout the UK. Generally, the material used is mild steel. Building Surveyors and Structural Engineers are well aware of the effects of corrosion within steel in construction, due primarily to its expansion.

Lifecote™ Solutions

Lifecote™ offer an extensive range of stress free masonry reinforcing products. Installation methods provide a cost effective, concealed and unobtrusive solution, including:-

  • Wall Tie Replacement
  • Crack Stitching
  • Lintel Repairs
  • Over Beaming
  • Expansion Joints
  • Lateral Restraints

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