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Lifecote™ are Garage Conversions experts, your number one Garage Conversion Company. This is simply the easiest way to add space and value to your property without having to spend a fortune or move home. If you don’t have the means to move to a bigger property or have tens of thousands of pounds for an extension, then we have a solution for you. - A Lifecote™ Garage Conversion.
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Occasionally, a local builder, a man and a Van, a brand new business or a cowboy may appear cheaper than Lifecote™ but this can be a false economy and lead to costly problems in the future.
If the building work is not undertaken correctly, you could have problems with ingress of water, damp or mould.The health problems associated with dampness and mould are well documented. Click Here
In the worse case scenario you may be required by building control to rebuild the conversion.

There is always a reason(s) why something is cheap! And the most likely reasons in the building industry is sub-standard work, cheap illegal labour and poor quality design and build standards. Who do you turn to when you have paid a cowboy and problems appear? 

Take away all and any risk and allow Lifecote™ the pleasure of providing a highly competitive, fair and reasonable quotation to convert your garage into a suitably dry and perfect living space.

How to spot a cowboy?

It’s very simple, look and ask for confirmation of:

1. Length of trading. Lifecote™ has traded for the last 20 years from the same phone number.

2. Are they part of a trade association or professional body?

3. Evidence of VAT registration (if they are cheating the Government, they will cheat you!).

4. Their guarantees? How can a company trading less than one year guarantee a Garage Conversion for 5 Years?

5. If someone is diverting their business phone to their mobile then there is likely to be a problem.

The result of any of the above practices will almost certainly lead to financial loss for you the consumer.

Our prices include a fully comprehensive 20 year guarantee against defects and dampness. This is backed by an assurance Guarantee from the DPA (Damp Proofing Association).

A lifecote™ Garage conversion completed in less than three weeks, to include all brickworks, electrics, damp proofing and plastering.

Thousands of homeowners have under-used garages which are reduced to very expensive sheds where all their odds and ends are stored. We can convert a garage for you and help you transform this wasted space into a beautiful extra living room, kitchen, bedroom, study or granny flat, providing the luxury of additional living space in your home.
This will also add value to your most principle asset, if and when you decide to sell the property.

Why Choose Lifecote™ ?

  1. We guarantee to provide you with a free quotation and site survey.
  2. We guarantee that the quotation will be competitive with no hidden charges.
  3. We guarantee the conversion will add valuable living space to your property.
  4. We guarantee to complete the conversion to the highest standards possible and leave your property tidy when we are finished.
  5. We guarantee to assist you with the building regulation and planning process while keeping the building inspector informed throughout the conversion process.
  6. We guarantee to provide you with a written schedule of the project start the conversion on time and complete the construction to the agreed schedule.
  7. We guarantee that you complete payment only when you are 100% satisfied with our work.
  8. We guarantee our work with a 20 year assurance backed ISRT certificate, which also guarantees your initial deposit.
  9. We guarantee elimination of all Dampness and humidity.
  10. We guarantee protection against Radon gas.

Building Regulations

Will my Garage conversion need building regulations approval?

Yes, all Garage conversions need building regulations approval or else the conversion is technically illegal. It is critical that you get a completion certificate once you do a conversion or else your local council can enforce a reversal of the work been done. This is why you must keep the completion certificate and our 20 years assurance backed guarantee, given to you when we complete your garage conversion, in a safe place. This certificate will show new owners that all work was done according to local building control and the insurance certificate will cover the conversion for the remainder of the insurance period.
Would I require planning permission for my Garage conversion?

Only a few garage conversions would need planning permission if the permitted development rights have been removed. We will take care of this process on your behalf and do the applications, drawings and liaising with the planning department to get planning for your conversion. This process can take 6 – 8 weeks after the application has been accepted to complete planning. It is worth noting that we have never been refused planning to date.

Lifecote™ Specification

The conversion of a Garage to any kind of living space is treated as a change of use of part of a building. An application for approval under the Building Regulations must be made before work starts. The submission of a Building Notice is an appropriate way to achieve this.

Permission will need to be sought in all cases and the following points will be considered before permission can be granted. As well as the regulations being met, it is as well to consider the type of flooring you intend to use.

Lifecote™ will arrange all such permissions.


Windows must incorporate opening vents of an area equal to 1/20th of the floor area of the room, and trickle vents to provide background ventilation of 8000mm2. A window suitable for escape purposes will be required if the new room can only be accessed through another room. The correct balance of ventilation is essential to avoid mould and dampness. Elimination and prevention of mould and dampness is covered by the comprehensive Lifecote™ 20 year guarantee.

Wall Thickness

If the existing wall is single leaf construction with piers it must be checked for stability and freedom from defects. If satisfactory it is likely the wall would be considered suitable. Lifecote™ are experts in wall stability.


A foundation must be provided to carry any additional masonry loads such as a new inner leaf to external walls or to the garage door infill. The condition and suitability of the existing foundation/floor can be checked when the door infill area is excavated.

Weather Resistance

A wall of single leaf construction must be treated to provide satisfactory resistance to the passage of moisture. A waterproofing compound applied on the internal face and incorporated into a floor membrane may be an effective way of achieving this. The provision of an inner leaf to create a cavity wall will require a cavity tray at the base of the wall.

Floors (new and existing) should also have a suitable damp proof membrane. Lifecote™ provides a vapour membrane to protect from dampness and harmful gases such as Radon. The product can be laid directly on existing garage floor slab.

LifecoteCosts To convert a single Garage

1. Removal of garage door from site.
2. Build new brick wall to match existing brickwork.
3.Fit new window with openers.
4.Batten walls and ceiling.
5. Insulate between battens.
6.Plasterboard all walls and ceiling.
7.Fit floor joists.
8.Fit insulation andfloorboards.
9.Fit skirting around all walls.
10. Skim plaster to all walls and ceiling.
11. Create new integral door to main house.
12. Supply and fit 8xceiling down lighters.
13. Supply and fit 4xnew double sockets.
14. Supply and fit 1xlight switch.
15. Supply and fit1x Radiator with thermostatic valve.
16. Apply for building regulations.
17. Plans and drawings.

Prices range from £5995.00 to £10,000.00 plus VAT
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To convert a double Garage

Prices range from £7500.00 to £12,000.00 plus VAT

How Long will It Take?

Single Garage- 2 weeks

Double Garage- 3-4 weeks

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Eliminate Dust, Disruption, Mess and Need of Redecoration

No Need to Remove the Render/Plaster System

Proven Process undertaken by Lifecote™ for 16 years essentially based on BS 6476:1992

After extensive research and field application a revolutionary Damp Proofing system has been developed based on physical science, essentially the laws of Physics.

There are far more contributory factors that result in a wet wall, otherthan actual capillary action itself, and research has shown the latter only accounts for less than 5 % of Dampness situations.

Eliminate these factors by applying the Lifecote™  specification for non-destructive Damp Proofing and the result will be a completely dry wall, dried by nature itself.

Internal cement removal is highly destructive, disruptive and has devastating consequences for internal decorations. You can actually create structural problems by removing cement render. You can now avoid the unnecessary removal of cement render, dust formation, mess, inconvenience and cost.

You cannot redecorate after classical Damp Proofing works. The Lifecote™ systems allow you to retain existing decoration and have a fast efficient application to resolve your rising dampness problems permanently.

This is a proven system, fully guaranteed and backed by the ISRT.

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Our treatments are carried out to a wide range of properties from residential homes to schools, local authority houses, mansion houses, and commercial developments.

All of Lifecote™ installations are carried out to the highest standards and covered by the most comprehensive guarantees available.

In addition to the treatment of Rising Dampness and Woodworm infestation, we also carry out eradication works for the treatment of Dry Rot and Wet Rot. Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans) is a fungal attack which can affect timbers and even masonry within a building. Damp conditions, combined with poor sub-floor ventilation are the primary conditions required to sustain an outbreak of this type.

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments to ensure successful eradication of decay.

All treatments are carried out by our own fully trained technicians.

Our principle services are shown in our home page, but our full list of products and services are as follows:

BASEMENT Damp Proofing
BASEMENT Tanking Drainage
BASEMENT Tanking Drainage Pumped
BASEMENT Tanking Systems
BASEMENT Waterproofing
BASEMENT Condensation Control
BUILDING Remedial Treatments
CAVITY Tray Renewal
CEMENT Chemically Resistant
CEMENT Rapid Hardening
DAMPCOURSES Arched Insulating
DAMPCOURSES Arched Insulating 
DAMPCOURSES Chemical BS 6576
DAMPCOURSES Chemical BS 6576 1985
DAMPCOURSES Liquid Applied
DAMPCOURSES Traditional (Physical Insertion)
DAMPCOURSES Vertical Insulating
DAMPCOURSES Vertical Insulating 
DAMPCOURSES Vertical Isolating
DRAINAGE Basement Tanking BS 8102
GROUT Non Shrink
GROUT Underwater
JOINERY Preservation Contractors
MEMBRANES Cavity Drain
MEMBRANES Cavity Drain BS 8102:1990
MEMBRANES Vertical Polyethylene
MORTAR Waterproofing Admix
RENDERS Below Ground
RENDERS Hygroscopic Salts Resistant
RENDERS Internal
RISING DAMP Remedial Treatment
TANKING Cementitious Membranes
TANKING Drainage
TANKING Drainage Pumped
TANKING Systems Remedial Treatment
TIMBER Treatment: Services
TIMBER Treatment: Services Fungal Decay
TIMBER Treatment: Services Joinery Preservation
TIMBER Treatment: Services Surveying
TIMBER Treatment: Services Woodworm Eradication
WATER Proofing Contractors
WATER Proofing Mortar
WATER Proofing Systems Contractor
WOODWORM Eradication

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