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Lifecote™ Clear Exterior Coatings

The coatings applied by Lifecote™ are a unique resin based coating. The coating is specifically developed for the protection and enhancement of exterior surfaces and is applied not just onto the surface but into the surface. Our unique coating system is ideal for all feature brick work and stonework, where appearance does not want to be changed.

The main benefit of our Clear Coating is that your property can be fully protected with NO change the appearance, unlike many others, leaving a shine on the property.

Our unique Rain Stopper coatings have the following features:


Rain Stopper is totally invisible, protecting your property with no staining. Rain Stopper will not discolour.

Penetrates the surface

Unlike ordinary sealants and conventional clear sealers, Rain Stopper actually penetrates deep into the substrate, protecting against water penetration.

Alkali Resistant

All cementations surfaces contain ALKALI and this can soon break down conventional paint. The Rain Stopper system has an outstanding resistance to ALKALI.

Keeps walls dry

Rain Stopper is both weatherproof and micro porous allowing water vapour allowing external walls in the property to breathe, thus allowing the walls to dry. Problems such as cracking, spauling and delamination are completely eliminated.

Strengthens substrate

Technology has evolved to allow the addition of suitable additives that actually bind and strengthen the substrate.

This will extend the life of existing pointing and prevent further decay.

Waterproof and microporous

The product conforms and far exceeds BS 6477: 1992 for Substrates 1,3 and 4. The product if fully micro-porous. This will allow the moisture contained within the wall to evolve through the protective barrier and thus naturally dry out the wall.

The Lifecote™ Year Guarantee would apply to all applictions of Rain Stopper

The product has a spray application

Act as a barrier to rain
Allow the release of any moisture contained within the substrate
The Lifecote™ 30 Year Guarantee would apply to all applications of Rain Stopper
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